WEISSWERT is a Stuttgart-based law firm specializing in banking law and capital markets law with experience in pursuing complex litigation.

WEISSWERT was founded in 2022 by Maximilian Weiss, an attorney specialized in investment-related disputes. The firm’s mission is to rigorously represent investors’ interests at the highest level of legal competence, whether in- or out-of-court, throughout Germany or internationally.

Our dedication to achieving conflict resolution in complex banking and capital market disputes is what sets us apart. Thanks to this specialization and our many years of experience with capital market disputes, as well as our systematic use of innovative technologies and digital processes, we can offer our clients legal advice meeting the most exacting standards on the market, but on fair and affordable terms. And we do so always with the overarching goal of safeguarding our clients’ assets and recovering monies they may otherwise have given up for lost.

We are claimant focused. Our law firm exclusively represents aggrieved investors. Our clients include institutional and private investors, enterprises, and consumers.


“WEISSWERT,” the name of our law firm, is a combination of “Weiss” (after firm’s founder Maximilian Weiss) and “Wert (the German term for “value”). Thus, our name perfectly embodies our mission: protecting the financial “value” of our clients’ assets. But the concept of “value(s)” in the ethical sense also figures prominently at WEISSWERT.


We subscribe to values that serve as the lodestar for our firm’s daily work on behalf of our clients. Just one example is our commitment to maximum transparency. In specific terms, this means that we make it a priority always to communicate clearly and comprehensibly. Whether on legal matters or regarding the costs of our services, we are determined to keep you, the client, fully informed at all times. Thus, values such as transparency constitute key mosaic stones in WEISSWERT’s mission statement. If you are interested in learning more about our mission statement, please click here.

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With a pioneering spirit and highly focused expertise, we are passionate about effectively asserting the rights and protecting the assets of the investors and bank clients we represent.

Whatever we do, our goal is to achieve the best possible economic result for our clients, and to do so expeditiously and cost-effectively.

Maximilian Weiss, LL.M.

Attorney | Managing Director