Dispute resolution in complex banking and capital market disputes on the side of investors is our core competence. Our specialization and experience with capital market disputes, as well as the consistent use of innovative technologies and digital processes, allow us to offer our clients a quality of advice that is outstanding in the market, while at the same time offering competitive rates for our services.


Whenever possible, we avoid litigation. When litigation is unavoidable, however, we pursue it with determination and passion in order to protect our clients’ assets and enforce their rights. To this end, we identify the ideal opponents in advance. By this we mean those defendants with „deep pockets“ where the prospects of success are highest, ie where the claims are as quickly and as easy enforceable as possible.


As a small but highly specialized law firm, we are well connected with proven experts in all aspects of banking and capital markets law and dispute resolution, not only to keep our finger on the pulse. Above all, our tried-and-tested network enables us to put together a strong team for even the most complex cases and to bundle the know-how required for the best representation possible, in and out of court, in an agile and cost-efficient manner. In doing so, we are not only able to draw on additional legal resources, including those from academia, to drill down into special topics, for example underpinned by expert opinions from renowned professors from various fields of law, accounting or auditing. Even beyond academia, we have excellent contacts to well-known and proven experts, whether in various areas of forensics, litigation PR or technical fields. Despite relying on a strong network, we deliberately refrain from alliances with other service providers, which could fuel conflicts of interest for us or which may give us incentives to make inappropriate recommendations. We are proud of our independence. We know that this is how we can best serve our clients’ best interests.


We have vast experience in complex and in cross-border and multi-jurisdictional litigation, in which we advise and represent our clients in a variety of roles and, as required, in an official or background capacity. In cases with a foreign connection, we regularly cooperate with experts from abroad in order to perfectly position and enforce our clients’ claims and rights across jurisdictions. Another focus of WEISSWERT is collective redress. Because experience shows: Those who take on large opponents increase the chances of litigation and the pressure on the opponent considerably if they join forces with other aggrieved parties to form a larger group. In addition, the joint assertion of damages also offers considerable cost advantages. Costs as well as cost risks can be noticeably reduced by bundling claims. In short, collective legal protection is an important instrument for ensuring that access to justice and the fight for justice can actually be fought on an equal footing, even with large opponents. We are very familiar with the bundling of claims and the specific procedural law relating to collective redress, such as the German Capital Markets Model Case Act (Kapitalanleger-Musterverfahrensgesetz – KapMuG). The founder of our law firm, Maximilian Weiss, has himself initiated numerous landmark cases in this area. We also advise with regard to foreign collective redress mechanisms and options to compensate for losses. For example, we also advise on the possibilities of participating in settlements abroad and registering claims for investors, such as in the aftermath of a settled US (opt-out) class action.


We have strong connections to leading litigation funders in Germany and abroad. If the case is suitable and our clients so wish, we will therefore be happy to contact litigation funders and help our clients to find the most suitable litigation funder with the best offer.


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Here you will find further information on a selection of current claims and cases our law firm is handling.

With a pioneering spirit and highly focused expertise, we are passionate about effectively asserting the rights and protecting the assets of the investors and bank clients we represent.

Whatever we do, our goal is to achieve the best possible economic result for our clients, and to do so expeditiously and cost-effectively.

Maximilian Weiss, LL.M.

Attorney | Managing Director