WEISSWERT is a law firm specializing in banking law, capital markets law, and complex litigation. Our goal is simple: to protect your assets.



We are passionate about achieving conflict resolution in complex banking and capital markets disputes for investors. Thanks to this specialization and our many years of experience with capital market disputes, as well as our systematic use of innovative technologies and digital processes, we can offer our clients legal advice meeting the most exacting standards on the market, but on fair and affordable terms.


In all cases, we will always intervene exclusively on the side of investors. Safeguarding their interests is our central focus. Thus, we are uncompromisingly committed to championing the rights of aggrieved investors who have suffered losses. This makes us independent, plaintiff-oriented, and immune to conflicts of interest. In any dispute, we serve only this one side – always. This means that we do not accept any clients who would actually or potentially conflict with this commitment.


We are dedicated to representing our clients’ interests.  We are firm on the issues, but without neglecting courtesy or the human touch. We are opponents to be reckoned with, simply because we refuse to give up. We are diligent and thorough in determining and analyzing the facts of a case, since we know from experience that the facts and circumstances of a case are the basis for successful litigation. Tough challenges merely spur us on. Yet we never lose sight of our goal of resolving conflicts efficiently for our clients. This means that at every stage of a dispute, we assess whether a constructive settlement is possible and reasonable.


Many times already, we have led the way in the past by introducing new legal or strategic approaches to investor rights and by initiating major investor litigation. We continue to seek – and find – new ways to optimally protect and enforce investors’ rights. We are not satisfied with merely applying the law; we actually want to help shape the law for the benefit of investors. This includes promoting the availability of efficient collective legal recourse in Germany. Intent on giving investors’ interests a voice and on helping to enhancing investor protection in this country, we make ourselves heard in both the legal sector as well as in the legislative domain.

With Integrity.

Integrity is of critical importance to us. In more specific terms, this means that we commit ourselves to values to which we remain faithful, without allowing ourselves to be co-opted for improper purposes by anyone – including our clients.

We deal transparently with all our counterparties, be they internal or external. We inform our clients fully and to the best of our knowledge and belief concerning the prevailing legal situation and the associated opportunities, risks, and costs. If we do not see any prospects of success or consider the pursuit of a claim to be too risky, then we make this clear to our clients.

Our approach to error management is characterized by transparency as well: Mistakes are inevitable. We may not like them, but we must be ready to deal with them. For us, mistakes serve as a call for further improvement and we are willing and able to learn from them. Which is why we also deal openly with any mistake that we may occasionally make.

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With a pioneering spirit and highly focused expertise, we are passionate about effectively asserting the rights and protecting the assets of the investors and bank clients we represent.

Whatever we do, our goal is to achieve the best possible economic result for our clients, and to do so expeditiously and cost-effectively.

Maximilian Weiss, LL.M.

Attorney | Managing Director