We continuously educate ourselves. Regular attendance at lectures and seminars is a matter of course for us. Occasionally, we also give lectures ourselves, particularly on capital market law issues and on the topic of collective redress. Below you will find a selection of speaking engagements of WEISSWERT attorney Maximilian Weiss in Germany and abroad.


  • 18th Annual Rights and Responsibilites of Institutional Investors Conference, 14 March 2024, Amsterdam, Netherlands: "The expanding complexity and importance of the global shareholder litigation landscape"
  • Thought Leaders 4 Disputes Conference, 19/20 October 2022, London, UK: "Group Litigation and Class Actions"
  • AIJA Annual Litigation Conference, 15 October 2022, Amsterdam, Netherlands: "Management and practicalities of litigating in multiple jurisdictions in multi-party or class action proceedings"
  • 59th International Young Lawyers‘ Congress, 25 August 2021, Zurich, Switzerland: "Innovative Claims and Proceedings"
  • Banking law practitioners' seminar, organized by the University of Bonn, Germany, 29 October 2020: "Skandal rund um Wirecard"
  • DRRT Global Investor Loss Recovery Webinar 2020, 29 October 2020: "Wirecard - The Enron of Germany"
  • International Legal Institute for MTMP Webinar "Mass Damage & Access to Justice: New National Solutions", 10 September 2020, "Collective Redress in Germany"
  • IPA Conference "Loss Recovery tra Class Actions e Processi Penali", 22 November 2019, Bergamo, Italy: "Il caso VW"
  • Houthoff Class Action Seminar, 12 September 2019, Amsterdam, Netherlands: "Collective Redress in Germany - overview and recent developments"
  • International conference "Enforcing Consumer and Capital Market Law in Europe", 23 May 2019, Augsburg University, Germany: "Panel Discussion - Practical Experiences with Dieselgate"
  • DRRT's 11th Annual Global Investor Loss Recovery Conference, 4 April 2019, Frankfurt, Germany: "Steinhoff: The Enron of South Africa"
  • ISLG Institutional Investor Conference, 30/31 October 2018, Johannesburg, South Africa: "The German Steinhoff litigation"
  • ISLG Institutional Investor Conference, 29 October 2018, Cape Town, South Africa: "The German Steinhoff litigation"