WEISSWERT Press Release

Stuttgart, February 24, 2022

The lawyer Maximilian Weiss, familiar to anyone following the investor lawsuits “Daimler,” “Porsche,” “Steinhoff,” “VW Dieselgate” or “Wirecard,” has struck out on his own to establish a specialist law firm: WEISSWERT operates out of offices on the Killesberg in Stuttgart and is committed to serving exclusively the protection of aggrieved investors, both within Germany and internationally.

In this regard, the firm relies both on a far-flung international network allowing it to advise and represent its clients also in complex, cross-border proceedings, and on the comprehensive deployment of Legal Tech. “At WEISSWERT, we intend to be at the top of everyone’s address list, whether small investors or institutional clients, for Stuttgart and for everywhere else. We are there for people looking for someone to successfully structure complex proceedings and to champion their claims as investors, efficiently and decisively,” explained WEISSWERT attorney Maximilian Weiss.

One thing setting the law firm apart from others is its strong international approach, as he explained further: “Neither finance flows nor investors’ need for legal recourse stop at national borders. We have been involved in many cross-border contexts already in the past and this will be a focus of our activities in the future as well.”

Another aspect informing the work done by the law firm is the consistent deployment of Legal Tech, not least against the backdrop of the further expansion of collective legal recourse in Europe that is the consequence of numerous cases in the past years in which large numbers of investors suffered damages. This development has given rise to a trend towards comprehensive mass actions being brought before the German courts. “In the future as well, collective legal recourse in Germany will have to be built out further – this is an absolute requirement if the legislature really is serious about sustainably enhancing access to justice. We aim to ensure that not only professional investors will have their day in court, but also the people who invested their small savings and lost them together with large numbers of other people. Key to this is the use of new technologies. They are not about cost efficiency or about informing our clients better and faster; that harks back to a bygone era. We regard Legal Tech primarily to be an excellent means of improving the prospects our clients have of prevailing in court, and to ensure a level playing field with our opponents. So this means that continuously developing the law firm using Legal Tech tools is a cornerstone of our strategy,” WEISSWERT attorney Weiss stated.

Prior to establishing WEISSWERT, founder Maximilian Weiss had worked for many years with TILP Litigation and, subsequently, as partner with the law firm BSB Quack Gutterer (now doing business as Dornkamp). He is an experienced attorney well versed with complex and cross-border disputes, particularly where assisting investors in litigation with capital markets implications is concerned. On a regular basis, Weiss looked after complex disputes centering around billions of euros. Examples are the proceedings relating to accounting scandals such as at Wirecard AG and Steinhoff International Holdings N.V. or the actions brought by stockholders and bondholders in connection with the Diesel emissions scandal against Volkswagen AG, Porsche Automobil Holding SE, and Daimler AG.


WEISSWERT Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH
Rechtsanwalt Maximilian Weiss, LL.M. (Northwestern)
Feuerbacher Weg 51 | 70192 Stuttgart | Germany
Tel.: + 49 711 340383 00
Fax: +49 711 340383 01
E-Mail: presse@weisswert.de

WEISSWERT Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH – Wir schützen Ihr Vermögen.

WEISSWERT is a Stuttgart-based law firm specializing in banking law and capital markets law with experience in pursuing complex litigation. WEISSWERT was founded in 2022 by Maximilian Weiss, an attorney specialized in investment-related disputes. The firm’s mission is to rigorously represent investors’ interests at the highest level of legal competence, whether in- or out-of-court, throughout Germany or internationally.

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